It is really incredible how the gluten free world has evolved and progressed! I never heard of Celiac disease until a friend of mine, KC told me her son had it….I had no idea what it was and had to look it up!

Since last year I have been trying to avoid eating anything with gluten, I still eat gluten, just a lot less! Sometimes it is almost impossible to resist freshly baked French bread, hot cookies, homemade al dente pasta and some other “to die for” sinful items.

Whole Foods has the largest and most expensive gluten free selection by far…Last week I went to the local grocery store here in Orlando PUBLIX, and found this new product. I bought the cinnamon raisin loaf and loved it, (mind you; it has 120 calories per slice). The product line is called ALL BUT GLUTEN and it is available at all Florida Publix stores.  Besides the bread, they have cookies, snack cakes & brownies.