Can not wait for my third act!

Happy B day to me - 2


I am not there quite yet, but really, I am happy about the fact that I am aging. As simple as that.

Back in 2011, Jane Fonda shared her prospective about ” Life’s third act”, as I age, the staircase seems to be more aparent and I keep on climbing, one stair, one smile and one day at the time. Since March 2014, life became so much more ejoyable, challenging and exciting that aging makes me happy.

All my teens insecurities are gone. My twenties challenges deleted. Finally my thirties having to prove myself completely vanished. However, my fourties confidence is here to stay. I have to share that I am lucky and blessed to have had a solid foundation, a fantastic upbringing and a family that allowed me to do and to be EVERYTHING that I ever wanted. No! I garante you I was not spoiled, I never had a bunch of money or material things that most of my friends had ( and I always wanted…. ). I had enough. Enough to make me realize that nothing comes easy in life.

The one thing that is more apparent and obvious, is my dislike to have a party, a dinner or any type of gathering to celebrate ” ME, ME, ME “. I enjoy my birthday, I just do not need an audience. Now, as I age, I am less narcissistic, less egocentric and a lot less self centered…. But I still like my birthday, I like my life and I like celebrating it everyday, not only on my birthday.

As my birthday approaches, and I am almost 45 years young, gratitude is the exact feeling that comes to mind, I might have another 45 to go, and if is anything like the past 45, I just can not wait!

Here is the link of the outstanding Jane Fonda TED talk from 2011…I hope you enjoy. XOXO

PS: This post has not been edited by MF, my loyal and dear editor, so please forgive the spelling and/or grammar mistakes! 🙂





Bubbles will keep you away from weight troubles!

Bubbles pic - final

Bubbles? Yes, bubbles!

Girls, we should drink more bubbles! I am not talking about sodas or beer of course…I am talking about Champagne, Cremants, Prosecco, Asti, Cava, Sekt, Vinho Verde, Cap Classique, etc… The main reason that I share this with you is because of the number of calories in each drink. Let me clarify something first: No, I am not a nutritionist and do not understand much about that. What I have been researching is for my own drinking enjoyment and it was all done online. Since March of 2014, I have been working out 4 days a week and drinking once or twice a week. However, when I go out and have 2 drinks, I want to be wise about it and try to gain as “less” weight as possible since I enjoy going out with my friends!  This post is for people that like drinking…if you don’t drink do not read this, as I am NOT encouraging you to start now. For some of you that enjoy an adult beverage from time to time, here are my nutritional fact discoveries:

Most draft beers = over 140 Calories*

Vodka Tonic = 169 Calories*

1 Glass of Red Wine = 129 Calories*

1 Glass of white wine = 121 Calories*

1 Glass of Champagne = 87 Calories*

1 Glass of Prosecco = 69 Calories*

*Calories may vary according to each brand and serving size. Source: &

My drink of choice has always been and will always be red wine, however, after learning more about the calories difference and living in Florida (where is always steaming hot ) I have been liking Prosecco a LOT more! The 3 main reasons are: It is a little sweeter than Champagne, it is more affordable and has fewer calories = win, win, win in my book! A glass of Prosecco is almost the same price as a glass of wine and it is available at most restaurants.

Here is a list of some Proseccos available at most supermarkets.

( prices may vary from store to store, region, availability and do not include tax ) . The prices below are PER BOTTLE from Publix Supermarket, most likely you will find it cheaper at any Costco, BJ’s or Sam’s Club.

Santa Margherita Prosecco     $ 19.99 per bottle

Bocelli Prosecco                     $ 14.99 per bottle

Ménage a Trois Prosecco       $ 14.69 per bottle

Lamarca Prosecco                  $ 13,69 per bottle

Ruffino Prosecco                    $ 13,49 per bottle

Lunetta Prosecco                    $ 11,99 per bottle

Cupcake Prosecco                  $ 10,99 per bottle

XOXO, Jules