Dreaming of PIZZA!

Dreaming of Pizza


Sunday night is ( well, it was ) PIZZA night! Especially for a “PAULISTA” chic like me….Too many childhood memories not to have pizza on Sundays! Yesterday I was dreaming of pizza and found this awesome gluten free crust from UDIS. I am already a fan of UDIS bread, cookies, pretzels, granola and everything else they make; and now a BIG, HUGE fan of their pizza crust!

Here are the toppings I used:

  • Light spreadable cheese ( requeijão or catupiry )
  • Daiya dairy free shredded cheddar cheese
  • Low sodium thinly sliced turkey breast
  • Diced fresh mozzarella
  • Sliced Campari tomatoes ( yes, needs to be Campari tomatoes! )
  • Arugula

Add all the above items to the pizza crust and follow the cooking instructions on the back of the package ……once I took out of the oven, I added arugula and drizzled very little extra virgin olive oil: Oh, it was simply DELISH! Next week, I will try an organic & antibiotic free chicken BBQ version, the week following that will be a Hawaiian night pizza with low sodium Canadian bacon, the week after that an organic veggie version, right after that one it will be a wild mushroom with flank steak, and the week after that…… The list can go on forever!


PS: This post has not been edited by my master editor Mattea… wanted to post today, so I apologize for the spelling/grammar mistakes!


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