From the crib to the grave.

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Most people hate talking about it…..It is not my favorite subject either….However, one only needs to be alive in order to eventually die. I take it you are alive today, correct? I’m not asking if you are healthy, happy or if you have any plans not to be alive tomorrow…..The fact is that we will die, one day, we will all die. Sad, somber and perhaps terrifying, but true.

Recently, I had a career change, while taking classes to get my real estate license, I heard for the first time the term ESCHEAT….I was mortified and petrified when the instructor explained what it was and then I realized: I AM AN ESCHEAT!!! What does it mean? –  “The transfer of title of property or an estate to the state when an individual dies without a will and legal heirs.” –

OK, so you are not single, you have 12 kids and 34 grandkids…..Good for you and one more reason why you should read this post! Just like you, my entire life from the crib to the grave was, is and will be ( till the day I die ) filled with wonderful people, memories, laughter, fantastic trips, romances, excitement, challenges, blessings, sorrows, some regrets, more laughter, unforgettable moments and above all: PEOPLE. People that are part of our journey, friends and family are the pillars of our existence.

We do not know when our life will end….Unfortunately, some people might know ahead of time when battling horrible diseases, but some of us might be gone abruptly and unexpectedly. This is for anybody alive today. I am hoping you, me and everybody else can use it as a tool to make everything easier for our family and friends once we are gone. Who knows, this might give you a different prospective on life, perhaps by accepting the fact that one day we will all die this will inspire you to live and enjoy life now, today, at this very minute…. We do not know how much longer we have…..So let’s make the best out of it! Like my blogger friend Christina says: “Make someday happen”!

In September 2014, comedian Joan Rivers died shortly after a routine health procedure….. Some of her funeral wishes were read during the actual funeral as she had recently written a book and mentioned how she envisioned her funeral to be….. I am not sure if you are planning on writing a book or taping a message to be played during your own funeral… I certainly am not, and that is why I am writing about this. I would like to have everything organized and ready to make life easier for everyone that will be staying behind… ( yes, staying behind as everyone that stays will eventually be following us ).

One thing that I recommend is to have a list of important things in writing and printed – you may also want to have a sealed envelope with the name of your relative or person that you choose to handle you affairs. This envelop may also be left with your lawyer or will executor.

  • Will/Trust ( Naturally ) – Suze Orman has great samples on her site  – suzeorman and there other very resourceful site is called NOLO
  • A list of all personal financial information ( bank accounts, saving accounts, passwords, credit cards, key words, pins, etc… )
  • What do you want to do with the money on your accounts?
  • A list of all people that you would like to be notified of your passing ( physical address, email address and phone number )
  • All social media names, screen names and passwords
  • Make sure to specify if you want to be buried or cremated and what to do with your ashes afterwards.
  • Pictures of you for the service; which ones do you like and which ones….”not so much”. Make a quick selection and leave, along with a letter containing all the information with at least 2 people
  • Life insurance policy information.
  • Are you an organ donor? If not, are you willing to donate your organs?
  • What do you want to do with your house, car, pets, clothes, shoes, jewelry and personal belongings?
  • Do you want a Church/Temple/Synagogue/Mosque service? Or no service at all?
  • How about a gathering event afterwards? ( I have a friend that has already paid for hers in full. No, I am not making this up! )
  • Last wishes ( if you have any ).

Until then: enjoy your precious, amazing and hopefully very long life, have fun, live it up, laugh a lot and say I love you as often as you feel like! We do not know how much longer we have and it is a shame to miss an opportunity to make someone feel loved.

XOXO, Jules

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10 thoughts on “From the crib to the grave.

  1. Vih says:

    Sad , but true! If everyone do this it os more than easy to do the stuff! And last week I really thought about that… I know I am to young, but one more time YOU just need to be alive for die.
    Great text jules!

  2. Fantastic article Jules! Great reminder to live life now and very good tips to prepare for the inevitable end. Everyone needs to read this, except those immortal folks out there. Cheers and way to GO #MakeSomedayHappen!

  3. Carol says:

    Great text, Jules!! This is something that we always don’t want to talk about it but it’s better if we do. Great hints!! Xoxo

    • julescarneiro says:

      Thx Carolzinha…. If we love the people that will be staying behind….. We have to think about making things easier for them by leaving everything organized!!! 😘

  4. Jojo says:

    Well said Jules!!! Great text!
    We never know what is going to happen in the future. Be prepared and love much are definitely good things to consider 🙂
    Love you! xoxo

    • julescarneiro says:

      Muito obrigada Eli. Espero ter ajudado pessoas a aceitar que a morte e inevitavel e pode chegar sem aviso…. Espero que essas mesmas pessoas vivam mais a vida, e que seje uma vida longa! bjssss, 😘

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