Bubbles will keep you away from weight troubles!

Bubbles pic - final

Bubbles? Yes, bubbles!

Girls, we should drink more bubbles! I am not talking about sodas or beer of course…I am talking about Champagne, Cremants, Prosecco, Asti, Cava, Sekt, Vinho Verde, Cap Classique, etc… The main reason that I share this with you is because of the number of calories in each drink. Let me clarify something first: No, I am not a nutritionist and do not understand much about that. What I have been researching is for my own drinking enjoyment and it was all done online. Since March of 2014, I have been working out 4 days a week and drinking once or twice a week. However, when I go out and have 2 drinks, I want to be wise about it and try to gain as “less” weight as possible since I enjoy going out with my friends!  This post is for people that like drinking…if you don’t drink do not read this, as I am NOT encouraging you to start now. For some of you that enjoy an adult beverage from time to time, here are my nutritional fact discoveries:

Most draft beers = over 140 Calories*

Vodka Tonic = 169 Calories*

1 Glass of Red Wine = 129 Calories*

1 Glass of white wine = 121 Calories*

1 Glass of Champagne = 87 Calories*

1 Glass of Prosecco = 69 Calories*

*Calories may vary according to each brand and serving size. Source: fatsecret.com & calorieking.com.

My drink of choice has always been and will always be red wine, however, after learning more about the calories difference and living in Florida (where is always steaming hot ) I have been liking Prosecco a LOT more! The 3 main reasons are: It is a little sweeter than Champagne, it is more affordable and has fewer calories = win, win, win in my book! A glass of Prosecco is almost the same price as a glass of wine and it is available at most restaurants.

Here is a list of some Proseccos available at most supermarkets.

( prices may vary from store to store, region, availability and do not include tax ) . The prices below are PER BOTTLE from Publix Supermarket, most likely you will find it cheaper at any Costco, BJ’s or Sam’s Club.

Santa Margherita Prosecco     $ 19.99 per bottle

Bocelli Prosecco                     $ 14.99 per bottle

Ménage a Trois Prosecco       $ 14.69 per bottle

Lamarca Prosecco                  $ 13,69 per bottle

Ruffino Prosecco                    $ 13,49 per bottle

Lunetta Prosecco                    $ 11,99 per bottle

Cupcake Prosecco                  $ 10,99 per bottle

XOXO, Jules


4 thoughts on “Bubbles will keep you away from weight troubles!

  1. Carol B says:

    Menos calórico e com custo benefício social e emocional que muitas comidinhas recomendadas e respeitadas pelos nutrichatos, como frutas, iogurtes, vegetais, pães integrais, bla bla bla. Adorei a dica. Mais uma wise choice pra minha dieta!!!

    • julescarneiro says:

      Yes Carolzinna e thx pelo carinho…. 2015 nao vai ter pra ninguem! Bubbles, bubbles e mais bubbles!!!! 😍😍😍

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