Let the New Year Roll In

Soul logo It never fails….. Right after Christmas, we start making a list of things that we want to change in our lives when January 1st rolls in. My question and my amazement comes from not understanding WHY we need to wait to begin on January 1st? Was October 14th not a good day? November 10th was not quite right? The hope we have is that on January 1st our motivation will magically kick in and it will transform our lives and habits; we will achieve that big goal; make that famous and useless list; and follow our new routine. Sarcastically speaking (in this case typing) I am including myself on all of that. However, that is not the worse part….. The worst part is when we start reviewing the year that is about to end…. Oh my! Then, in that exact moment, it hits us – The year was filled with adventures, challenges, achievements, deceptions, happiness, some regrets, lots of joy, and all the emotions and events that happens in daily life. It is so awesome to think about this past year and gracefully turn the page as there is no deleting. There are only two (2) words that we will be able to use when looking back: THANKS & SORRY. But there is no changing. We all want to do better, be better and feel better. This is called willpower, drive, motivation and the desire to accomplish, achieve and succeed. Invite the New Year to roll in, but let’s not raise our expectations to an unachievable height, it is gratitude that will change our feelings about the good things that happens in our lives. It is also gratitude that will make you think about the “not so good things” and understand that they could have been a lot worse. Let 2015 roll in; it is a blank canvas, an unwritten book, an invitation, an opportunity, a new chance and above all – It is filled with hope! So why wait till January 1st? Be happy NOW, change your habits NOW, start that project NOW. January 1st is only a day on the calendar…Happy New Year today! XOXO, Jules


20 thoughts on “Let the New Year Roll In

    • julescarneiroblog says:

      Thank you sis, vou tentar escrever em Ingles e Portugues….Mas falta tempo e vocabulario….. A Eli falou que me ajuda no Portugues! Bjs

    • julescarneiroblog says:

      My dear, you are AWSOME, thank you for the moral support….. Always!
      I got a GoPro for Christmas and will be posting new creations in 2015, 😘

  1. Victoria says:

    OMG! The best new years text ever! So proud of you! I’ll share this link(of course) and I know people will enjoy as much as a have!
    Counting the days for the next text!
    Love you,

    • julescarneiroblog says:

      Big mouth!!! So happy you liked it, there will be more and I hope you keep reading and giving your feedback! BTW, lunch or HH soon! ☺️

  2. Joanne Rivera says:

    Jules you are so on point! Thank you for the motivation. I told myself after I recoup from surgery I was going to be fit and fabulous by my 40tj and you just pushed me even further! Xoxoxoxoxo’s miss you!

    • julescarneiroblog says:

      So happy you liked and we have reconnected Sunshine! I miss you too and would love to catch up soon, so many new and good things to share! I hope you feel better soon and happy new year today! XOXO

  3. mario parisi junior says:

    JU, gostei muito pois me vi nas suas palavras.
    Para mim todo dia é Ano Novo.
    Assim é mais leve, agradável e fácil a vida.

    • julescarneiroblog says:

      MAny many thx MPJ! Viver, brindar e saber que todo dia e’ ano novo foi escrito com influencia sua, da Eli e das nossas temporadas no deck! 😘

    • julescarneiroblog says:

      Que bom que vc gostou Eli!!! Como falei para o Parisi…. Tem MUITA influencia da convivencia com vcs 2 nesse texto!!! Many thx e muitos ❌⭕️❌⭕️ pra voce, 😊

    • julescarneiroblog says:

      Many thx SR, I have only been working on it….. Hummmmm since FOREVER it feels like! It is finally up! More posts to come in January. Happy New Year TODAY! 😊

  4. Anita says:

    True dat! One of the best things that happened last year or was it 2 years ago was seeing you again after 23 years, Jules… 🙂 Happy New Year, amiga!

    • Love u Sunshine! I feel the same way and can not wait for our next reunion. I will check out the links you sent me tomorrow… I have to get ready for a NYE party tonite! It is already 2015 in Indonesia… Happy New Year TODAY Petunia!!!! ❌⭕️❌⭕️, juju

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