Online dating does not work ( my personal story )

Remember the movie “How to loose a guy in 10 days”??? Well, as a blogger I have a funny story related to this movie. I tried it and it back fired on me…BIG TIME!

I wanted to meet someone new, I wanted to fall in love again, I wanted to allow someone into my crazy normal life…Basically, I was ready to meet Mr. Right as I was tired of Misters Right Now! But I was 100% convinced that DATING WEB SITES DID NOT WORK, so I wanted to try it and report my feedback by blogging sbout it, hence the post: “ONLINE DATING DOES NOT WORK” ( so I thought! )

I do not go out “clubbing” or go to any “meat market bars”…I definitely can not endure another “I have a friend I want to introduce you to”….I have had it with all of that. So I decided to give the ONLINE DATING a try ( as a blogger I could once and for all prove that online dating does not work for everyone…Ha! ) I have been to weddings of couples that met online. My friend Sue met the man of her dreams on, Jen met and married Jerry on EHarmony and they now have two kids…But I was still not convinced!

I am too stubborn and was determined that this would never work for me. My friend Susan told me once that I was too Brazilian for an American and too American for a Brazilian… A harsh reality check, but she was right! Well, I still went for it and signed up on PLENTY OF FISH! There were some scary pictures and profiles out there I must say…. But after a couple of days, ( really 2 days only ) I saw a nice German guy’s profile that caught my attention. I went ahead and sent him a message: “Hi, nice profile”. For my amazement and amusement he replied! I almost felt off the couch as I could not believe it! Who knew??? There are real & live people at the other end of the screen…Shocking! Anyways, we started to exchange messages via the Plenty of Fish message board. After a week or so, he sent me his cell number and asked me for mine… So we started to texting and he eventually asked: How about meeting for a drink? I gasped! OMG! WHAT??? In person??? Holy cow, how would I handle meeting him in person? I said yes and we set up our first official date. As soon we had the place and time picked out I texted my BFF, Carol his full name, phone number, the company he worked for ( yes I called to double check ) where we would be meeting and what time….A girl can never be too cautious!

After the initial awkward 2 minutes, I became very interested in what he was saying, the questions he was asking and the laughs we were sharing rather than anything else… I had a really good time.

As we were walking out of the restaurant ( Season’s 52 ) I said:  “If we ever go out again, we should go for sushi!” ( sushi was one of the subjects that we talked about as we both love sushi! ). And he stopped walking and replied: “IF? We will not go out again only IF YOU don’t want to, I would love to see you again!” At that very moment I stopped and thought to myself: REALLY? ARE THERE ACTUALLY NORMAL PEOPLE OUT THERE DOING ONLINE DATING? And my second thought was: He is a rapist, a murderer and/or a serial killer…He does the online dating thing to attract girls and out of a sudden BAM!!!!!! He attacks!!!!!  So, I smiled and said ok, let’s set up another date soon. We said goodbye and I went our separate ways… ( I raced home making sure he was not following me…I am such a dork! )

We kept texting, we went out several times and we started to date. After 2 weeks we went “steady”. After the third week together we were girlfriend & boyfriend. After 3 months he asked me to move in….AND I DID as I was madly in love!

I thought that by “trying the online dating” I was going to prove a point that it does not work for everybody. Naturally, all girls should be cautious and careful with it as I am sure that there are some “not so nice” peeps out there as well.

We have been together for over 1 year now and I am still very much in love!

So, for all the skeptical single people out there: THE ONLINE DATING THINGY DOES WORK! The world has changed and evolved…We do everything online – shopping, banking, marketing, advertising, networking and socializing….why not dating???


Schatzi - Schatzi



Oat Cake - Plate pic


Really I am not exaggerating! While having lunch with my good friend David Lindsey last week and talking about life in general, we got into the breakfast subject…. ( still not sure how ). He mentioned that his wife Lisa bakes an oat cake every week, which she keeps in the fridge and they have it for breakfast throughout the week. I got intrigued about it and as soon as I had a chance I sent Lisa a message asking for the recipe. Lisa is a personal trainer and personal chef as well; so I knew that was going to be an awesome recipe! She sent me the recipe below and I made it the very next day….People! People! People! Stop the press! Truly an amazing breakfast! I’ve been having for breakfast this entire week with Kefir ( or sometimes almond milk ) and diced fresh fruit! So, so good!  You may tweak the recipe to be sugar free as well ( I made it with brown sugar like the recipe calls and it was delicious! ) I tried heating it up and serving it cold as well…both ways were delicious! … And in case you are wondering…..THIS OAT CAKE TASTE VERY GOOD TOO!

Hope you try it and give me your feedback. Lisa Lindsey is THE TOP Lake Nona area personal trainer and a very good friend…Check out out to understand why she is THE TOP trainer!  The recipe credit goes to Jaclyn – .

Oat Cake Ingredients:

2 large eggs

1/2 cup packed light-brown sugar

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp cinnamon

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp salt

1 1/4 cups milk

1/4 cup butter, melted (I used salted)

3 cups rolled oats (quick oats works fine too)

Directions – Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter an 8 by 8-inch baking dish, set aside.

In a large mixing bowl whisk together eggs. Add in brown sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, vanilla and salt and whisk until no lumps remain. Stir in milk and melted butter then mix in oats. Pour into prepared baking dish and spread evenly Bake in preheated oven 30 – 40 minutes until set.

Cut into squares and serve warm or cold with fresh fruit, nuts, milk, kefir, maple syrup, honey, etc…

Oat Cake - on Pyrex -

Lilly Pulitzer for Target!

Target does it again

This time they partnered with the late Lilly Pulitzer, AKA “Queen of Prep”. She passed in 2013, but her legacy and brand continues to thrive strongly! The official collection called “Lilly for Target” will launch Sunday, April 19th (tomorrow). The buzz has been building up and marketing up to this point has been tastefully and carefully done.

Lilly - 10

Lilly - 1

Prints, prints and more prints! Besides her traditional floral prints, there are a few stripes, some foliage; everything with a splash of spring colors naturally! Here is an example of how affordable this collection is: a regular priced gold Lilly Pulitzer sandal/wedge retails for $198; an almost exact same gold sandal/wedge at TARGET will set you back only $36.

Lilly - 5 - gold shoes

TARGET stores nationwide are expecting huge crowds for tomorrows launch, Lilly Pulitzer team created an exclusive selection of short dresses, maxi dresses, shirts, kids clothes, wedges, flats, purses, clutches, hats, scarfs, cell phone cases, chairs, plates, cups, glasses, and the list goes on.

Lilly - 2

Click here to view the entire collection online TARGET, if you are planning on going to the store tomorrow make sure to hit it early…Or you may always shop online at TARGET.COM

TIP  – TARGET.COM is offering free shipping for orders of $ 25 or more.



Lilly - 6 - Camila

Lilly - 4


So’ na America – The Perfecter!

The Perfector  - framed

Esta é uma coluna nova que resolvi colocar no blog sobre compras, lugares, restaurantes e mais algumas coisas aqui da America! Como moro em Orlando, e sou meio “bairrista”, muitas das dicas são desta cidade que me adotou há mais de 20 anos. Tanta gente vem pra cá do Brasil, muitos dos meus amigos me perguntam aonde comprar, o que comprar, aonde ir, etc…então resolvi colocar esta coluna no blog em Português.

The Perfecter - 2

The Perfecter, que não é uma novidade tão nova, já mudou minha rotina matinal….Eu fui abençoada por ter cabelos super lisos; tipo escorrido mesmo! Minha mãe tem, minhas 3 irmãs também tem e minhas 4 sobrinhas idem…. Tipo coisa de Carneiras. Mas como lavo e seco ( com secador ) todos os dias, de vez em quando as pontas do cabelo não ficavam viradas pra dentro como eu queria….. Eu queria que ficasse virada pra dentro tipo como fica quando saio do cabelereiro. Aí, achei essa escova elétrica na CVS ( rede de farmácia Americana ) e depois de secar, eu só passo um vez o cabelo fica todo enrroladinho/viradinho pra dentro! Essa escova não estraga meu cabelo pois não deixo muito tempo, eu só escovo mesmo, além disso tem as proteções de borracha nas pontas, e mesmo eu não tendo pratica de uma “profissa” eu não me queimo!

Então aí vai a dica: Si chama “The Perfecter” e custa US$ 69.99 na CVS US$ 91.72 na AMAZON.


The Perfecter - 1




Troubles are inevitable…..Feeling miserable it’s optional!

Trouble image for post - april 2015

That might only be my opinion, yours may be different or you might disagree with me all together. The fact is that at a certain point in everyone’s life we will face troubles…..relationship troubles, money troubles, family troubles, career troubles…..Now, if it is health related it is indeed a problem and NOT a trouble.

I am not a motivational speaker or a life coach ( actually, I am far from it ), I am just sharing with you all what I have started to do and it has been working mighty good in my life. As soon as I wake up ( yes, when I first open my eyes in the morning ) at that very moment, I am able to decide what kind of day I will have. Regardless if I had a bad night of sleep, nightmares or someone snoring next to me…..The first thought that comes to my mind is now determined by me and sets the mood for my entire day! Tomorrow, try to wake up and canalize your first thought on gratitude…Gratitude for all the awesome things that happened yesterday and the outstanding things you will accomplish during the day ahead.

I am a morning person ( BIG TIME ), my friend MC tries to avoid hanging out with me in the morning as we are opposites! I LOVE mornings; waking up with, or without an alarm clock…( there is no sleeping in as I never sleep very long… ). Of course there are some days that it is really challenging to wake up and be happy…..But once you start practicing, these days will seldom happen.

Just like Zig Ziglar says: “The choice to have a great attitude is something nobody or no circumstance can take from you.”


PS: My beloved editor Mattea is temporarily out of town, out of the country or out of this planet….So once again, this post has not been edited…My apologies for the spelling and/or grammar mistakes!

Dreaming of PIZZA!

Dreaming of Pizza


Sunday night is ( well, it was ) PIZZA night! Especially for a “PAULISTA” chic like me….Too many childhood memories not to have pizza on Sundays! Yesterday I was dreaming of pizza and found this awesome gluten free crust from UDIS. I am already a fan of UDIS bread, cookies, pretzels, granola and everything else they make; and now a BIG, HUGE fan of their pizza crust!

Here are the toppings I used:

  • Light spreadable cheese ( requeijão or catupiry )
  • Daiya dairy free shredded cheddar cheese
  • Low sodium thinly sliced turkey breast
  • Diced fresh mozzarella
  • Sliced Campari tomatoes ( yes, needs to be Campari tomatoes! )
  • Arugula

Add all the above items to the pizza crust and follow the cooking instructions on the back of the package ……once I took out of the oven, I added arugula and drizzled very little extra virgin olive oil: Oh, it was simply DELISH! Next week, I will try an organic & antibiotic free chicken BBQ version, the week following that will be a Hawaiian night pizza with low sodium Canadian bacon, the week after that an organic veggie version, right after that one it will be a wild mushroom with flank steak, and the week after that…… The list can go on forever!


PS: This post has not been edited by my master editor Mattea… wanted to post today, so I apologize for the spelling/grammar mistakes!




It is really incredible how the gluten free world has evolved and progressed! I never heard of Celiac disease until a friend of mine, KC told me her son had it….I had no idea what it was and had to look it up!

Since last year I have been trying to avoid eating anything with gluten, I still eat gluten, just a lot less! Sometimes it is almost impossible to resist freshly baked French bread, hot cookies, homemade al dente pasta and some other “to die for” sinful items.

Whole Foods has the largest and most expensive gluten free selection by far…Last week I went to the local grocery store here in Orlando PUBLIX, and found this new product. I bought the cinnamon raisin loaf and loved it, (mind you; it has 120 calories per slice). The product line is called ALL BUT GLUTEN and it is available at all Florida Publix stores.  Besides the bread, they have cookies, snack cakes & brownies.